Toddler group

't Koninkrijkje also offers a playgroup for toddlers aged 2-4. The aim of this toddler group is to stimulate the development of children in preparation for primary school. The toddler group also offers many extras, such as Toddler dance, Moving around jitters and learning English in a playful manner. There are 4 toddler groups within 't Koninkrijkje: The Suns, The Clouds, The Moons and The Stars.

Daily schedule

Toddlers are welcome from 08:45 am onwards. At 9:00 am we start the morning with a joint activity/circle game. Halfway through the morning they are given fresh fruit and something to drink (this is provided by 't Koninkrijkje). After that the children can do an activity together or alone, they can play outside, play a game or learn a song. We end the morning in a circle. At 11:30 am the children are picked up again.

Inside area

The toddler groups are located in the BSO rooms upstairs. During the morning these rooms are set up in such a way that the children can play, learn and discover. There is a raised changing table to change the little ones. Children who are potty trained can use the children's toilets in the corridor.

There is a bench. The bench is used for quiet reading activities or for children who need to rest.

There are small tables with small chairs at which activities can be carried out. The children can also use the tables and chairs during mealtimes.

There are open cupboards from which the children themselves can get games, puzzles and toys etc. Each group also has its own sound system that can be used to play children's music. The groups have different corners, such as a kitchen corner, construction corner, reading corner, etc.

The children have their own locker, in which they can keep spare clothes, crafts to take home, etc.

Outdoor area

The toddler groups can use the BSO and the KDV outdoor areas. The large BSO area offers plenty of room to run and cycle. The KDV area has a sandpit and the children can enjoy sliding down the slide.

For safety reasons, the gate and fence of the outdoor area are always closed when the children are playing outside.

Opening hours

Monday 8:45-11:30 am

Tuesday 8:45-11:30 am

Thursday 8:45-11:30 am


't Koninkrijkje has a central location in the Schollevaar neighbourhood.