Pedagogical vision, mission and policy

't Koninkrijkje offers professional and high quality childcare.
Every child is accepted the way he/she is. A child develops at his/her own pace and in his/her own way. The pedagogical staff members have an eye for this. The children are supervised individually and as a group. The developmental level and the needs of the children are taken into account.IMG_6190

We offer children a safe, caring, challenging and warm place to stay. Security and love are at the centre. We want to fulfil the parents' care wishes at the same time. We believe that parents should be critical when it comes to the care of their child.

The foundations for the child's personality are laid in the first four years of a child's life. Location and available spaces are therefore not the only things that have to be taken into consideration. When it comes to your child, you choose the care that you think is best. Your child will be safe and in good hands, and his or her development will receive all the attention it needs here at 't Koninkrijkje.

Pedagogical ambition

"It is our pedagogical ambition to provide each child with quality of care, security and love. We want to give them the space they need to develop, so they can grow into a respectful human being".

The pedagogic policy directs the pedagogic actions for children aged 0-13 and it ensures unity within the approach. The pedagogic policy is concretised in the pedagogic working method which is included in the location work plan. Both can be viewed on location or requested digitally from the location manager.

Pedagogical climate

The following 4 basic educational goals from the Childcare Act are the central points:

  1. a child feels emotionally safe, so that it can develop optimally

This means that we interact with children in a sensitive responsive way, that there is respect for children's autonomy and that boundaries are set and structure is provided for children's behaviour.

  1. provide opportunities for the development of personal skills.

Children are playfully challenged in the development of their motor, cognitive, language and creative skills. This enables children to function increasingly independently in a changing environment.

  1. provide opportunities for the development of social skills

Children are guided during their interactions, so they can build and maintain increasingly independent relationships with others.

  1. standards and values are being transmitted

Children are encouraged to become openly acquainted with the generally accepted values and norms within society, in order to interact respectfully with others and participate fully in society.

Pedagogical principles

Our ambition is shaped by our four closely linked pedagogical principles.

  • Children feel safe within a positive rearing climate.
  • Children discover the world around them in a playful manner and are given the space to be open and curious.
  • Children belong to a group within a stimulating environment.
  • Children (and parents) have a voice and treat each other with respect in a participation society.