After school programme

The out-of-school care (BSO) of Children's Centre 't Koninkrijkje is intended for children between 4 and 13 years old who are attending primary school. We offer various services within the BSO:

VSO: pre-school care. Children are cared for from 7.00 am and are taken to school on time. During VSO, children can eat the breakfast they brought and play quietly.

NSO: after-school care. Children are collected from school by the pedagogical staff. They can then enjoy care until 19.00 hrs.

Holiday childcare: during the school holidays, children can be accommodated at BSO the whole day, from 7.00 to 19.00. They are offered a varied day programme. They are offered a varied day programme.


't Koninkrijkje offers responsible childcare with fixed groups of children in their own space. Within these so-called basic groups, children can play in an environment that is recognisable, safe and familiar to them, under the guidance and care of pedagogical employees. The BSO is divided into four vertical basic groups:

  • Knights and Noblewomen, this group takes care of children aged 4 to 13. This group has a maximum of 22 children.
  • Kings and Queens, this group welcomes children aged 4 to 13. This group has a maximum of 11 children.
  • Duke and Duchess, this group takes care of children aged 4 to 13. This group has a maximum of 11 children.
  • Princes and Princesses, this group takes care of children aged 4 to 6. This group has a maximum of 8 children.

Group room and activities


The BSO rooms are located on the first floor. They are beautiful open and light rooms. The rooms all have their own name: The Castle, The Palace, 't Fort.

and the Tower.
In all rooms, play materials are available for all ages. The rooms are set up in such a way that the children can play in different corners and there is a sitting area where they can sit and relax.

For example, to read a book quietly. 't Fort has also been set up as a creative area. There are both low and high tables with enough room to eat together and, if necessary, to colour or play a game. In 'de Toren', the children have the opportunity to do their homework at the table. There is a computer in this room on which they can practise their lessons or play a game.

Activities are offered to the children on a daily basis according to an activity plan. These fall within a monthly theme. These can be music activities, movement activities, handicrafts, cooking activities, etc. Weather permitting, the children play outside every day. During the holidays, a daily programme is offered and various excursions are organised.

Nutrition and Care

Pedagogical staff members take individual needs, special wishes or eating habits into consideration. We provide drinks, lunch, snacks and a fresh hot meal. All this is included in the price.

Getting used to it

't Koninkrijkje has an acclimatisation policy, so you and your child can familiarise yourselves with the new surroundings, the group space, the pedagogical staff members and the other children. The familiarisation days always take place after the contract has started. We use 1 familiarisation afternoon for the BSO. As a parent/carer you can plan this day together with the pedagogical staff members. Placements always start on the 1st or the 16th of the month.


You can register your child for the various BSO services. Actual placement takes place after the conclusion of a placement agreement.


We pick children up for the NSO from the following schools:

  • KBS de Contrabas
  • OBS de Catamaran
  • PCB Het Baken
  • KBS De Pioneer