Complaint procedure parent committee

The Childcare Act stipulates that parents have the right to advice on subjects that concern their interests and those of their children within the childcare organisation. As of the first of April 2008 every childcare organisation, falling under the Childcare Act, is required to have a complaint regulation for parent committees. The regulation is implemented by the Disputes Committee for Childcare.

The internal complaints procedure
KDV 't Koninkrijkje has an internal complaints procedure. A parent committee can use this arrangement when they aren't satisfied with the policy of KDV 't Koninkrijkje. The complaints procedure describes how the parent committee can submit a complaint and what steps are taken to deal with the complaint:

- If a parent committee has a problem, it can first of all discuss it with the owner of the agency concerned. Perhaps it is a misunderstanding or the problem can be solved quickly.

- The owner will deal with the complaint and he/she will try to resolve it satisfactorily.

The parent committee can take complaints directly to the Disputes Committee for Childcare.

The Parent Committee receives information about the internal complaints procedure. The location manager provides the Parent Committee with the procedure. The procedure describes how complaints are dealt with.

External complaints committee
The parent committee can use the external complaints procedure if a complaint cannot be resolved internally. The parent committee can take its complaint to the Disputes Committee for Childcare, which handles "participation complaints": complaints from the parent committee about the way an organisation deals with the legally determined participation of parents in childcare. The nature of the complaint determines where parents can take their complaint to.

Childcare Disputes Committee for Parent Committee
On the first of April 2008 the regulations for handling complaints between the entrepreneur and the Parent Committee came into force within the Childcare Act. The complaints are related to topics that fall under the advisory right of the Parent Committee.

On the first of January 2009 KDV 't Koninkrijkje joined the Complaints Chamber for Childcare. On the first of January 2016 the Complaints Chamber for Childcare was replaced by the Disputes Committee for Childcare.

Complaints in 2017
In 2017 no internal or external complaints were received by KVD 't Koninkrijkje or the Disputes Committee for Childcare.