National Registration KDV and BSO

The National Childcare Register (LRK) registers all childcare centres, organisations for out-of-school care, guest parent agencies and guest parents who meet the quality requirements of the Childcare Act. The locations of the children's centre 't Koninkrijkje are registered in the LRK.

As of the first of January 2011, parents are only entitled to childcare benefits if they use a childcare organisation that is registered with the LRK.

Our registration numbers are:

Nursery 't Koninkrijkje: 155174022
Extracurricular childcare centre 't Koninkrijkje: 161775275

After school care location David Lloyd: 200664682

Extracurricular childcare location My HealthClub: 316839875

Inspection report

You can view the contents of the GGD inspection reports on the GGD website: