Rates and childcare benefits

The Childcare Act stipulates that the tax authorities contribute to the costs of childcare. The gross hourly rate is therefore not the hourly rate that you pay yourself. You yourself pay the net price. This depends on the amount of your taxable income and is much less than the gross price. In 2022 we apply the following hourly rates:


51 weeks package €8,50  
40-week package €8,70  
Holiday care 8 weeks €8,90  
Holiday care 6 weeks €9,00  
Flexible care €9,00  
PSG €8,50  
51 weeks package € 7,31  
40-week package € 7,71  
Holiday care 11 weeks € 7,81  
Holiday care 8 weeks € 7,85  
Holiday care 6 weeks € 8,20  
Flexible care € 8,90  
VSO € 7,51  
Sports BSO DL    
51 weeks package € 8,38  
40-week package € 8,78  
Holiday care 11 weeks € 8,54  
Holiday care 8 weeks € 8,60  
Holiday care 6 weeks € 8,80  
Flexible care € 9,20  
Sports BSO MH    
51 weeks package € 8,04  
40-week package € 8,44  
Holiday care 11 weeks € 8,54  
Holiday care 8 weeks € 8,60  
Holiday care 6 weeks € 8,80  
Flexible care € 9,20  

In order to receive childcare benefits, you and your partner (if any) must meet certain requirements. meet.

The amount of childcare benefit you will receive depends on your situation. For example, the level of your income and the number of children in care. You can receive childcare allowance for a maximum of 230 hours per child per month. In 2022 the tax authorities will reimburse an amount of up to €8.50 for childcare. For the BSO, the maximum reimbursement this year is €7.31.

Do you want to know how much childcare benefit you can get? Then make an trial calculator. If you need help, we can help you with that.

You can apply for your childcare benefit for 2022 at mijntoeslagen.nl. You must apply for the allowance within 3 months after the month in which your child first comes to day care. Do not wait too long to apply or you will miss out on benefits.

Are you receiving childcare benefit and does something change in your life? If, for example, your income changes or the number of childcare hours, this will have consequences for your benefit. You must report changes in your situation to the Tax Administration within 4 weeks.