Children from 6 weeks to 4 years old are welcome at the 't Koninkrijkje childcare centre. We offer full-day care for your child and work with professional pedagogical staff.

Group room

The group rooms have various play corners. Each play corner is set up for a certain age group. There is also a separate baby corner. With a variety of playing materials and fun activities, the children develop their social, cognitive and physical skills. They learn to interact with other children and each child receives the personal attention he or she needs. We also have a play hall that all groups can use.

Nutrition and Care

Of course, in consultation with the parents, the pedagogical staff take individual needs, special wishes, eating habits and allergies into account. We provide nappies (size 1 to 6), drinks, formula (Nutrilon 1, 2 and 3), sudo cream, sunburn, fresh fruit, lunch, a snack and a fresh hot meal in the afternoon. All this is included in the price.

Childcare hours

You can drop your child off between 7:00 and 9:30. The daily routine starts at 9:30 and we therefore find it very important that the children are brought in on time.

There can be times that you need to bring your child in a little earlier or later or pick him/her up a little earlier or later than the stated times. This is not a problem, but we would like to ask you if you can phone us beforehand. Our pedagogical staff members will take this into consideration and they will be able to keep the group calm that way.

Children can be picked up between 16:00 and 18:45. You will also receive an account of the day's events.

Daily schedule

For children up to 10 months, the daily schedule at 't Koninkrijkje is tailored to their individual rhythm. Each child sticks to the eating and sleeping times they have at home. After 10 months, and in consultation with the parents, children move to a more fixed daily routine. The child really becomes part of the group. The fixed elements of eating, sleeping, playing and going outside are then mostly done as a group.
The children get offered daily activities. These fall within an activity plan and they have a monthly theme. There are music activities, movement activities, handicrafts, etc. Weather permitting, the children play outside every day.


't Koninkrijkje offers responsible childcare. Fixed groups of children have their own space. In these so-called core groups, children can play in an environment that is recognisable, safe and familiar to them, under the guidance and care of pedagogical staff members. Children aged 0-4 are cared for in the core group. These are so-called vertical groups. Children come together at set times to eat, play and sleep.
There are on average 9-15 children in one group, depending on the size of the room in the nursery.

3+ group, preparatory class for primary school

In addition to the vertical groups, we have two horizontal groups. The 3+ groups: in this group, children from the age of 3 are cared for when they are ready. Until they turn 4 and go to primary school, they are prepared for primary school. This is done by starting the day in the circle, practising colours, counting and practising letters. We also offer daily developmental activities prepared using monthly themes. The following developmental areas are addressed: cognitive development, social-emotional development, motor development (fine and gross) and personality development. 

This group has its own pedagogical work plan within the nursery, in which the specific working method has been outlined.

We also have a toddler playgroup. This group is open in the mornings for children aged 2-4.

Getting used to it

't Koninkrijkje has an acclimatisation policy, so you and your child can familiarise yourselves with the new surroundings, the group space, the staff and the other children. The adjustment days always take place after the starting date of the contract. We apply 1 familiarisation day or 2 half-days. You as a parent/carer can plan these days together with the pedagogical staff member. Placements always start on the 1st or the 16th of the month.


You can register your child for 2 to 5 whole days. The minimum attendance of 2 days is important for:

  • the individual child: to make the childcare centre a second home;
  • the group, so that the composition does not change too much during the week; they can thus form a close-knit group;
  • the group leader, so that she does not have to build relationships with too many children in varying compositions.

The placement is official once the placement agreement has been signed.