Safety, Fire and Public Health

We work in accordance with the requirements and policy rules of the Childcare Act. Annual checks are carried out by the GGD and the fire department.

As of 2018 we have a Health and Safety Policy. The Health and Safety Policy shows you how we deal with major and minor risks within our childcare centre. This policy also describes the actions we take to provide your child with a safe and healthy environment. All this is described in our protocols and work instructions.

We place great importance on a safe and healthy climate for your child. The building is surrounded by a fence, which can be closed off completely. You can only enter the building by means of a fingerprint scan. Both sleeping areas. on the ground floor, are equipped with an emergency exit. There is also an evacuation plan. The entire building is equipped with a fire alarm system.

All groups have a child friendly design: sockets have been protected, radiators have been framed, furniture has rounded corners, door strips have been used, etc.
Groups have large windows, so the children can be watched closely at all times by the pedagogical staff members. Personal belongings that belong to the pedagogical staff members, like coats and bags, are stored in lockers in the staff room.

Children can only go outside under the supervision of at least two pedagogical staff members. The same goes for outings. During outings children also have to wear vests, so the pedagogical staff members can keep an even better eye on them.
't Koninkrijkje has a strict hiring policy. All pedagogical staff members hold a diploma that is relevant to childcare (MBO level 3 or 4, HBO). All our staff members have a valid certificate of good conduct (VOG).

The inspection reports can be found here .