Sports BSO My HealthClub Krimpen


We have a cosy sports BSO in the beautiful sports complex of My HealthClub Krimpen. Children can exercise and play sports after school. We have sports rooms and equipment at our disposal. My HealthClub Krimpen is surrounded by multiple primary schools and we take children to and from the sports BSO free of charge. We can accommodate up to 18 children. On the ground floor we have a BSO group room where the children can relax after a long school day. They can use the sports hall every day to play and exercise. The fixed structure offers many advantages. Children will drink something and chat for a while, so they can recover from their day at school. At 3:30 pm we all play a sport or we exercise. After the exercise session is done, the children can enjoy themselves in the group area. They can do arts and crafts, they can play a game or they can read a book.


There is something for every child at Sports-BSO 't Koninkrijkje. We offer children a broad sports programme, like judo, dance, tennis, but also game activities, such as dodgeball, tag, football, etc. That way your child can discover what he/she likes to do. Children will learn more about winning and losing, about their own potential and playing together. You don't have to be a sports expert to have a great time here. We work closely together with the qualified staff of My HealthClub. At Sports-BSO 't Koninkrijkje you can also take the swimming lessons that My HealthClub offers. The children can also use the playground and the green fields to expend their energy. There are regular outdoor play activities.


Having fun is our top priority. Sports offer children so much more than a healthy body. Exercise is good for the overall health and development of children. Our sports bso policy focuses on the development of children through sports and games, so they can discover who they are physically and mentally. The emphasis lies on sports and exercise, but your child can also do crafts or read a book. Some time has been reserved for homework.


We pick children up from the following primary schools:
  • All primary schools in Krimpen aan den IJssel
* Other schools are possible on request

Day programme and activities

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

13:00 - 15:15* children are collected from school / free play

15:15 - 15:30 time to eat and drink (snack: cracker, rice cake, etc.)

15:30 - 17:00 sports, games and play activities, time for homework

17:00 - 17:30 time to eat and drink

** We also offer a MyHealth Club hot meal for your child at a rate of €1.95 per meal**

17:30 - 18:30 free play

* The schools we operate finish at different times, ranging from 13:15 to 15:15. The above schedule may therefore differ slightly per school. The Sports BSO closes at 18.00.

Every day our own pedagogical staff members and externally hired sports instructors offer sports and games activities, such as judo, tennis and basketball. We can also take children to and from swimming lessons. The swimming lessons are provided by My HealthClub.